Camper is caught on the roof of ATM and catastrophe

I tried to stop the camping car in front of the ATM, trying to get down with ATM, but a movie that got caught on the roof of the ATM space and became underlay. Because I could not find a driver, I thought that it was a movie made as a story, it seems that it was an accident really.

The shock movie shown on the surveillance camera is from the following.Shelby County Today

About 3 pm on July 2, it seems that an accident happened that the camping car caught on the ATM roof in Texas state, the roof of the ATM dropped and the camper was underlaying. The 10-year-old son who was riding with Mr. Mickey Miller of the driver had escaped from the car before the crash and it was said to have been intact.

Movie playback is from the following.

How Not To Use The Drive Through ATM Video

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