A man who helped a driver from a burning car, praised as a hero


It was revealed that a man who was present at the gas fire station at the gas station in DeKalb in the state of Tennessee in the state of America, Tennessee rescued the drivers in the car with the speed of being able to be heard from firefighters.

Bystander Rescues Driver From Burning Car - News Story - WSB Atlanta

The trigger of the fire was that another car came in a car waiting for a signal at the intersection facing the gas station. The car was blown off by the impact and collided with the gas cylinder inside the gas station.

Petrol station that became the site.

The car that crashed into the cylinder ignited and flames up. Eddie Evans, who was present at the scene, went to the stand to help his wife to buy coffee and helped out.

Evans who rescued himself said, "When I saw the scene, I was running impulsively, and in my head I pushed out my car with my own truck after I carried the man who was in the car I thought "I was thinking" I was interviewing. The firefighter who rushed to the scene said that Evans witnessed running through the flame and trying to break open the door to save men.

Mr. Evans talked about his actions after the door was plucked, "Somehow I caught the seatbelt that was tying up his body, but my head was in a state like being in the airbag. So I stretched out his hand to grasp the body and dragged it out of the car as it was and carried it up. "I explain the situation at the time.

The car which burned up has become a state of no remission.

Evans was trying to help her real younger sister from the fire site decades ago, but in the end she had a bitter experience that she could not help her life. He said "I am relieved so much now that I was able to rescue life that I could never do in 1956 (the year my sister caught a fire), so now I am relieved that the man is saved and I can see my family again But I am just happy. "

Shan Dobson praised Evans's behavior as "heroes are exactly", praising the action, "There is no doubt that hero saved his life."

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