Finally the service which searches for 'copypes' of papers and reports arrives in Japan

According to the Nihon Kogyo Shimbun news report, it seems that a service to search students to "copy and paste" sentences on the Internet into their own papers and reports and steal it will land in Japan. Not only can Copipe from the Internet but also student copies can be detected.

For students who are not seriously studying, is not it a rather troubling service?

Details are as follows.
FujiSankei Business i. Industry / "Copy" crawl service landing Student paper illegitimate Internet theft, instant judgment

According to this article, the system called "turn it in" provided by I Paradigms in the United States is a database consisting of about 9 billion pages of text information on the Internet and about 10,000 academic journals and student It seems to be a service to check the similarity of contents instantaneously by comparing papers and reports.

Furthermore, since the information of the judged report etc. is accumulated and it becomes the material of the collation, it is possible to detect the copying between the students, and now it corresponds to the four languages ​​of English, Spanish, German, French Although it is supposed to correspond to Japanese even in autumn.

By the way, I Paradigms is the largest tie-up with about 65,000 educational institutions around the world, mainly high school and university, and sometimes judges about 130,000 submissions overnight. That's a terrible number ....

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