What looks like Pac-Man scattered around the world

Many images that look like pac-man seen around the world are gathered. Because it has a simple shape, there seems to be a moment in which Pac-Man looks even fluid, such as clouds.

Details are as below. Pacman of the sun.

Cloud Pacman.

Pac-Man often seen in the pond.

It is Pac-Man who seems pretty heinous.

Black Feather Pacman.

Pac-man floating on the cup.

Pacman reflected on the bottom of the glass.

Pacman who has an old age.

To the stunning Pac-Man type by reflection of the water surface.

Hanging Pacman.

Pac-man made with light.

There was also a ghost of the enemy character.

In addition, you can discover a large amount of Pacmann objects from the following links.
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