Sony, the mystery countdown on the official page and the letters of "orz"

It became clear that Sony began a mystery countdown on the official page. In addition to the mystery countdown when you actually access the page the letter "orz" is displayed.

"Orz" to say disappointment, disappointment, psychological state in case of setbackAscii art in kneeling and depicting the headI remember, is there some kind of disappointing announcement ...?

Details are as follows.

According to this page, as of 12:00 on June 24, 2008, the remaining time is 3 days and 3 hours, and something seems to be announced at 15:00 on Friday the 27th (Friday).

IncidentallyWhen the same countdown was done last timeHorror software for PS3 "SIREN: New TranslationWas announced the release of "Game title this time as well this time?

Also, the URL is " it is, "or 2" may have some hints.

· 12:50 postscript
When clicking the character of "orz" "orz" changed to "or 2", the letter "SEE YOU AGAIN ON JUNE 27TH 15: 00" came out. What exactly does that mean ...?

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