World newly recorded movie performed by Mentos Geizer with 1,900 people

If you put mentos in a cola, a cola blows violently from the bottleMentos Geyser. In April 2008 the world record was achieved by 1,500 students in Leyburn City, Belgium, but on June 19 the world new record was established by 1,900 students in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

It seems that the local television station was relaying, and the movie has been uploaded to YouTube.
After the countdown, put mentos all at once into the cola.
YouTube - LNT Cola & Mentos 1911 Riga record broadcast

A movie from another angle.
YouTube - Cola & Mentos Guiness World record Riga, Latvia

How many people will be gathering for the next group to challenge?

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