Movie of a woman-type robot 'Emma (E.M.A)' kissing passionately

This robot "Emma (E.M.A.)" scheduled to be released on September 25, 2008, total length 38 cm. She realized supple movement like a woman and various actions, and said that it has "kiss" mode. It seems that if you bring your face closer, you will be passionate about "kiss!"

So, let 's watch a movie to see how it actually kisses.

Playback is from the following.
(PDF file) Autonomous female humanoid robot "Emma (E.M.A.)" released on Friday, September 26

This robot has five motors and an obstacle sensor (infrared sensor), an angle sensor, and a sound sensor in order to realize flexible movement like women and various actions. In order to communicate at nine locations including the elbow (two places), the shoulder (two places), the torso (one place), the feet (two places), the knees (two places), 4 movable positions Also equipped with sensors.

I can give out business cards and dance

How to do the essential kiss mode is to press your left wrist towards you when you are head facing up (entertainment mode) and bring your face close to the face of this robot OK. You can see how you actually kiss at 1 minute 28 seconds of the following movie.

YouTube - CES: WowWee FemiSapien Dances and Blows Kisses

The price is 18,900 yen including tax. The material is made of ABS etc, and the power supply seems to be 6 alkaline AA batteries × 6 (sold separately).

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