Various tables of creative design

It is a variety of unusual original design tables. If I can work with this table and I can make something creative, I will use it .... There is even an expensive thing that you can not use as a table very much, since the price seems to buy it for testing.

Details are as below.
· Jigsaw table

It's like a jigsaw puzzle table.
Width 104 cm, depth 52 cm, height 43 cm and price 299.95 pounds (about 62 thousand yen). There is also a side table whose size is half the size, this is £ 199.95 (approx. 41,900 yen)

· WIRO table

A wire made table. It seems that the dishes will not be put but because the coaster is on properly, it is relieved. It is 280 cm in size, 80 cm in height, 375 pounds (about 79,000 yen). The coaster is 6.94 pounds (about 1455 yen).

· Plateau coffee table / bench

Sitting on the seat and leaving a cup of coffee on the side of the table, a table bench looks like relaxing. It seems likely to be in the library. Width 49 inches (about 1.2 m), depth 19 inches (about 48 cm), height 13 inches (about 33 cm). It is 3950 dollars (about 426,000 yen).

· Baobab

A table with a curved design that worries a little about where to put it and use it. Because the size is quite large, so if you sit face to face it might be around 3 people. It is 5290 dollars (about 570,000 yen).

Oval table

A table designed by Burgess Zbryk and Rie Egawa with a single plate dented in two places. It seems to be widely used to both ends. 6 feet wide, 24 inches deep, 14 inches tall.

· Yin yang

As in the Tajiki figure, the two gemmount tables are shaped like a combined body. Diameter is 100 cm, height is 34 cm and 299 pounds (approximately 62 2700 yen).

· Yo-yo table

A small table for one person. The top plate is 17 inches (about 43 cm) x 13.75 inches (about 35 cm), the height is 17.75 inches (about 45 cm). The price is 1418 dollars (about 152,800 yen).

· Titan

Simple and stylish table. You may put it in the corner of the room or stay in the center. It is 199 centimeters wide by 85 centimeters in depth x 76 centimeters in height, and it is 199 pounds (about 41,700 yen). >> 12 Creative Table Designs

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