I tried thoroughly verifying whether popcorn can be made with cellular phone electromagnetic waves

Four mobile phones face each other and in the centerPopcornPlace the explosive species corn that becomes the source of. And if you let four incoming calls at the same time it will be in a little microwave oven, the corn in the center will pop up and popcorn ... ... a movie on YouTube has been released.

Can you really really start? What kind of mechanism can you do with this kind of thing? I tried it by actually experimenting.

Thorough verification is from the following.
Firstly, the following movie is the problem.

YouTube - Pop corn with cell phones!

YouTube - WHO CAN EXPLAIN ?????

YouTube - Pop corn with cell phones: the French version

allBobtel 08Users are up and there are otherBenzin 513That user is uploading the same movie. Even this alone is pretty bad, but maybe you can actually do it ... so let's try it quickly.

This time I prepared popcorn for microwave oven

The main raw materials are corn and vegetable oils and fats

I am in this bag

Contents is like this. It is oil and fat that is solid. This oil is melted and heated by the microwave oven, and it becomes a popcorn.

I take out some of them like a YouTube movie.

Let's try! Is that ... .... that?

Try closer and do it with full power! Wait ... .... who?

It will not be popcorn! (loose the temper)

First of all, let's review how it can do popcorn and its mechanism.

(PDF file) Study of popcorn ~ Steam explosion of corn ~

Experimental materials from the chemical department of Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto Nishihaka etc. school are very helpful. according to this,

The corn immediately after taking out from the bag explodes at about 200 ° C, but it opens, it gets humid with time, and the explosion temperature gradually drops.

Very high pressure is applied to corn. This value is calculated with the interior of corn as a cavity, which is actually a larger value. Also, in corn, only a part of the water becomes steam, the pressure ruptures the weakest part of the epidermis, and water in the corn exceeding 100 ° C. turns into steam at once and the explosion is considered to have occurred.

And that. These are also touched in the famous book "Science of popcorn", so if you want to learn more, try borrowing at a library and try reading. According to those materials, popcorn can be prepared exactly with the following mechanism.

1: It is useless in ordinary maize,Pop species (burst species)Only kind.
2: The mechanism to be repelled is because the moisture inside reaches 100 degrees and becomes water vapor, the pressure is entrapped with a hard skin, the pressure rises and it blows out at a stretch.
3: The internal moisture becomes water vapor at 100 degrees, but to reach the pressure enough to explode it is necessary to raise the epidermis to near 200 degrees.
4: In ordinary popcorn, the temperature of the epidermis is raised by using butter and salad oil. Even if you simply heat it on a frying pan just by arranging it on the frying pan, it just burnts and carbonizes it, so it is often the case that it becomes charcoal when it explodes.
5: Because of that, even though I throw it into an extreme story, bonfire, I explode it, but in order to maintain that pure white shape as "popcorn", I constantly apply heat, turn the water inside the water vapor, apply pressure from the inside However, it is necessary to prevent the skin from scorching (so water vapor leaks just before starting, so if you make it with a frying pan, water droplets stick to the inside of the lid)

In addition, as the point of this time there is a level of the electromagnetic wave which comes out from the mobile phone. Let's see the item "To people using medical electrical equipment" on docomo's page.

Mobile phone manner | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

Docomo's FOMA's output is up to 0.25 watts, mova is up to 0.8 watts, and the output of a digital car is up to 2.0 watts.

So, look at the explanation of the microwave popcorn for the previous time. If it is 500 watts, it takes 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

In other words, if you think to put out a microwave 500 watt level,2000 units for FOMA, 625 for mova, 250 units for digital car phone, It will be necessary. Considering that it is dense, because it can not be thought of by simple addition, it is actually more necessary. I think that the calculation method is funny, but at least it is impossible at the level of electromagnetic waves coming from mobile phones.
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I actually calculate it on the following page.

:: day by day | Is it possible to use pseudoscience if it is sensational? ::

Since the output of electromagnetic waves is proportional to the square of the frequency times the output, when comparing the microwave oven and mobile phone,
Microwave oven: 2.45 × 2.45 × 500≈3000 (3001.25)
Mobile phone: 2.0 × 2.0 × 0.8 = 3.2
Also, the electromagnetic waves attenuate in proportion to the square of the distance, but in this movie it is slightly closer than the general microwave oven, so let us assume that the distance is halved.
Then, the influence of electromagnetic waves,

3000: 3.2 × 4 = 234.375: 1
, And it is predicted that the heating by the mobile phone is about 1 / 200th of the microwave oven.

Also, when are radio waves coming out? As to the point that it is written as follows.

(Note) If you turn on the mobile phone, it may emit radio waves automatically even if you are not talking.

That is, even if you are not talking, it will go out, but if you are talking, you surely come out. If you are receiving an incoming call, the electromagnetic wave will definitely go up to the Max level.

Well, let's experiment on actual assumptions on these assumptions. According to the explanation of the microwave popcorn, it seems that it will be completed in 3 minutes if it is 500 watts.

One piece of popcorn for microwave oven, 500 watts for 6 minutes, chin with microwave. I can not get it at all. For the convenience of the scale, only the last one minute. It is convenient for safety to have water together.

Let's place it on a heat resistant dish this time. With fats and oils.

One piece of popcorn for microwave oven, properly attached with oil, 6 minutes at 500 watts (3 minutes + 3 minutes), chin in microwave. I can not get it at all.

The temperature was 73.4 degrees. It is still difficult with only the level of oil and fat on one grain.

Finally, I'll try to cover it with saran wrap. It has oil as before.

One piece of popcorn for microwave oven, properly cover the oil with surroundings, cover with Saran wrap, chin with microwave for 3 minutes at 500 watts. Again I can not get it.

No matter how you look, it is impossible for a single unit to start with a microwave oven.

In other words, "a considerable amount of oil" and "continuous high heat" are required to make popcorn cleanly whether it is a microwave oven or a frying pan. In the case of popcorn for microwave ovens, by adding heat to oils melted in sealed bags, corn becomes soaked with a feeling of becoming dull, continuous high heat can be realized, and it becomes popcorn in a short time That's why.

Conclusion: Even with a microwave oven it is too difficult to popcorn a single corn in a short time. Also, popcorn can not be done with electromagnetic waves of about 4 mobile phones. On the contrary, absolutely impossible in a time shorter than the microwave oven.

Other verification videos and calculations saying "You can not do this" are on YouTube and others.

YouTube - Cell Phone & amp; Popcorn Is FAKE (by pandora 808)

Livedoor news - 【Trevian videos】 Can you make popcorn on mobile phones? I tried experimenting to make it actually !!

The cell phone popcorn vid is fake !!! - GameTrailers.com Forums

In addition, Wikipedia's "PopcornIt is in the item "This history pageaccording to,

In addition, by suppressing vibration as much as possible, heating can be carried out for a short time in a state just before the explosion, and thereafter, by applying a small shock or vibration, it can be caused to explode. The fact that popcorn can be done by putting corn in the vicinity of several mobile phones and uploading them to those mobile phones has been uploaded to the video site and it is remembered that it became a topic all over the world, but this phenomenon Vibration of the vibrator).

There was, and actually tried this, but it was impossible to keep it in "the state just before the explosion", it can not be stopped.

2008/06/09 21:08 Addendum
According to readers' point of view, "gray sheet" on the bottom of the bag containing popcorn has become a mechanism to emit high heat by the action of microwave microwave, and as part of frozen pizza for microwave etc. It is said that it is also used. Because this sheet generates high heat, it seems that it will become popcorn simply by choking with a microwave oven. Certainly it is on the page of popcorn used this time "Popcorn FAQIt also describes what it seems like.

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