The idea of ​​using a nuclear explosion for fire suppression of gas fields and the whole story of its practice

ByDimitar Krstevski

Generally it is water used for extinguishment when a fire happens, but that "fire alone will not go away by water alone", in the past "Turn off the fire by nuclear explosionThere was a method that was adopted. The video of what happens and how the fire disappears is actually published on YouTube

USSR used nuclear bomb to stop gas well blowout: Gas accidents, gas wells, plants and pipelines - Coal Seam Gas News and Information

The state of the time to erase the flame by the nuclear explosion can be confirmed from the following movie.

USSR Gas Well Blow Out = Nuclear Bomb Puts Out The Fire - YouTube

In September 1966, at a point 80 km away from Buhara, the capital of the Uzbek-Soviet Socialist Republic, which is one of the republics comprising the Soviet Union, gas blew out of the five methane gas wells and the flames rose.

The flame momentum was intense as the newspaper of the time reported that it would "put out the fire after 3 years."

Of course, fire extinguishing activities using water were also done, but the government's attempt also inevitably disappeared.

Attempts to disperse flames were also made.

However, it is difficult to control the momentum of nature, failure. By dispersing it will result in gas escaping from the pipe.

Leaked gas blows out from the ground.

So I came out "The fire is extinguished by a nuclear explosion" idea. This is a device for that.

Digging a hole reaching approximately 6 km underground, 25 to 50 m away from the pipe ... ...

I will bring a nuclear bomb to the immediate side of the pipe.

"In conventional bombs the power is insufficient", 30 kt class nuclear bombs were used at this time. The output of the atomic bomb "Little Boy" dropped in Hiroshima is about 15 kt, "Fatman" dropped in Nagasaki is 22 kt, so it is more than that.

The surroundings are fantastic atmosphere.

People who watch the explosion from a remote place.

When the switch is pressed ......

"Dawn" sounds loud and the ground shakes.

A state seen from a distance. The flame gradually became smaller as it happened, and it succeeded in extinguishing it in 23 seconds after the explosion.

This is because the piping stopped by causing a nuclear explosion near the underground pipe and gas supply stopped.

After the explosion, a big hole on the ground.

Fill the hole with surrounding soil and complete the work. "The image will end with the fact that it is not wasting a lot of gas thanks to nuclear explosion and it will not affect the world economy."

As mentioned above, to use nuclear explosions for civil engineering work, mining, etc.A peaceful nuclear explosion(PNE), and experiments were conducted in the former Soviet Union and the United States from the 1960's to the 1980's.World Nuclear AssociationAccording to PNE, there are 151 experiments, 27 explosions in America and 124 explosions in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, explosions occurred in the experiment site as well as construction of reservoirs and underground holes , About 117 times for fire suppression like a movieAn explosion has been triggeredIt is considered.

America·Nevada nuclear test siteWas done atSedan nuclear testThe situation is below.


Creator made by experiment.

In addition, in the United States for the excavation of the second Panama Canal and oil field developmentPlan to use a peaceful nuclear explosionAlthough it was also there, it could not solve the radioactive contamination problem and it was not put into practical use.

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