A car running running down to the ground in the Sichuan earthquake in China

The Sichuan earthquake that occurred in China on 12th May 2008. It is said that the destructive power of the earthquake will be 30 times as much as the Great Hanshin Earthquake and many damage has come out, but several cars appearing on the roadway are being shot while becoming tattered.

Details are as below.Earthquake-damaged cars hit China's streets - Telegraph

A car shot by Mianzhu.

The license plate contains the letter of "Sawa River" river.

A car taken in the roadway of Juyuan. It seems not to be amusing whenever it gets broken.

Police have started strict crackdown in China in accordance with the traffic law, but in the case of China, trucks that are still overloaded are running normally on the roadway. In Sichuan Province now there are more important than crackdown on traffic violations, so it seems that the criteria are looser than in other areas.

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