A man who has lived for 17 years after eating only the chocolate bar

I've heard of people talking about having dinner with only potato chips, but I heard that there are people who have lived for 17 years with only three meals a day for chocolate bars. I am concerned about biased nutrition, but is it possible for people to live by chocolate bar alone?

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Mars addict lives on chocolate for 17 years

Keith Sorrell, a 37-year-old who runs printing business in Liverpool,SnickersWe eat only the chocolate bar "Mars" similar to the one, consuming 12 bottles a day, 4000 a year seems to be thrown into his stomach.

"There are people who go and go when they are bad, but they have taken orange juice properly and take vitamins.They have not changed the food for 17 years, but their health is good," Keith said. I met this chocolate bar when I was a student, and at that time I usually had snacks. However, I noticed that I used all my pocket money for chocolate bars and I realized that I can not live without "Mars".

The Australian nutritionist is talking that there is a possibility that the intestines may be adversely affected because the state of cardiovascular health is suspicious and dietary fiber is also lacking even if taking vitamins because essential fatty acids are insufficient, Even though it continues biased diet, life activity can be done but Keith 's dietary life is not recommended.

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