Impact photograph, car bumped into bicycle race

A picture of a moment when a drunk driving car came in during a bicycle race near the Mexico - US border. The top image is that staff of city hall photographed by chance.

Details are from the following.Pictured: Shocking moment drunk driver ploughed into group of cyclists | Mail Online - 1 Killed After Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into Bike Race

The driver is Hoang Campos, 28 years old. Kambos suspects were driving asleep and driving. It seems that someone who was drunk together as if he was drinking from the night before and is currently investigating. There were more than 10 people casualties, there were a lot of people screaming accident screams, some people tried to lynch suspects, it seems that they were panicking.

The following is a movie of the situation after the accident
Kare11_com - KARE 11 Television - Video on Demand

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