I do not want to use too much, planters and tiles with a baby's face motif

It is strangely real, and there are plants and tiles in the shape of a baby's face, which I do not want to arrange for a bit on the veranda. Naturally it is not a baby of the real monsters, but a planter like a double head is somewhat unpleasant.

Details are as below.
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A box designed like three children emerged. The part of the supporting leg is in the form of a baby's hand, feeling even worse.

A tile with a baby's face in the center.

It is rather stereoscopic. It is completion of the bath which can not be relaxed very much by tightly arranging this in the wall of the bathroom.

A planter that pierced his head.

The place which is sticking to Hen exudes exquisite feeling badness.

On the contrary, something like hollowing out the lower half of the head ....

A box that looks good for putting sugar such as cubes. I feel uncomfortable to open my mouth with a finger.

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