Account with 1.4 million yen is sold for 95,000 yen

In the so-called black market, the underground economic market, bank accounts are being underutilized, but the information on the accounts with cash has also been sold.

For example, an account containing about 1.4 million yen is sold for about 95,000 yen.

Details are as below.
Computer Security Research - McAfee Avert Labs Blog

According to McAfee, an anti-virus software maker, data on prices of several cyber criminals groups have been clarified. This is what I looked up on last Friday and it says it was as follows.

Account containing $ 16,040 (about 1.65 million yen): 700 euro (about 110,000 yen)
Account with $ 14,400 (about 1.48 million yen): 600 euro (about 95,000 yen)
Account with $ 7950 (about 810,000 yen) + 2612 pounds (about 520,000 yen): 500 euros (about 79,000 yen)
Account with 20 thousand dollars (about 2.27 million yen): 1500 euros (about 230 thousand yen)
Account with 13,451 dollars (about 1.38 million yen): 650 euro (about 100,000 yen)
Account with 10,44 pounds (about 2 million yen): 850 euro (about 130 thousand yen)
Account with 12,000 pounds (about 2.4 million yen): 650 euros (about 100,000 yen)
Account with 37,927 euros (about 4.88 million yen): 2200 euro (about 340,000 yen)
Account with 23,200 euro (about 368 thousand yen): 1200 euro (about 190 thousand yen)
Account containing 7846 euros (about 124 million yen): 500 euros (about 79,000 yen)
Account with 25,663 euro (about 4,070,000 yen): 1450 euro (about 230 thousand yen)

The actual display looks something like this

These prices also include passwords and PINs required for account operation, and if the login within 24 hours from purchase and it becomes unusable then the warranty will work and we will tell you a different account . After-sales service is also perfect. By the way, it seems that price and quality are getting roughly proportional.

In addition, various credit card information such as America, Austria and Spain are also on sale, and it seems that data is sold like mountains elsewhere.

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