Does PS 3's external HDD appear?

By installing the HDD (hard disk), PS3 became able to play how to install software on HDD and shorten the reading time, but the HDD installed is the largest, even 60GB (overseas it is 80GB ) There was only one.

Considering that the capacity per game software is very large because it adopts Blu-ray, there is a possibility that it may be missing, but an external HDD that can easily increase capacity easily appears Is it done?

Details are as follows.
Sony considering external PS3 hard drive? News // PS3 /// Eurogamer

According to this article, David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), is concerned that there is only 40 GB of low-priced PS3 HDD, and it is possible to make an external drive appear as a genuine option He told me about gender.

Incidentally,PS3 can replace internal HDDAlthough it has become, now PS 3 has achievedVery low failure rate of 0.2%Considering that, it seems that you are considering the approach of providing external HDDs rather than the replacement of built-in HDDs that may be interfering.

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