World map made with country domain code

Representing the country belonging to the end of the URL by saying ".jp" in Japan, ".us" in the United States, ".et" in EthiopiaCountry code top level domain (ccTLD). It is a world map made using this domain code. It seems to be fairly simplified, but for those familiar with the Internet it may be easier to see than a normal world map.

Details are as below. This map contains 245 ccTLDs. The size of the letter is proportional to the population, and the one with the smallest size is a country with a population of less than 10 million. After all China and India are quite a lot.
Country Codes of the World

Incidentally, in the top level domain other than the country, commercial ".com" and network group ".net" etc are well known. There are many types of top level domains, but according to McAfee McAfee the most dangerous domain".ro" in RomaniaIt seems that it was.

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