Japan's first oral smoking cessation supplement "Champix" appears to make it easier to quit smoking

From May 8 th (Thursday), it is said that Champix (generic name: varenicline tartrate) will be released as an oral smoking cessation aid as a new treatment for nicotine addiction. As a drinking medicine, smoking cessation supplements are sold for the first time in Japan, and medical insurance treatment is also possible.

Details are as below.
New launch of Japan's first oral smoking supplement "Champix tablet"
- Suppressing the satisfaction with smoking and reducing the feeling of craving for tobacco -

According to this release, the oral smoking cessation supplement "Champix" released by Pfizer from Thursday, May 8, can not concentrate or concentrate due to smoking cessation by replacing nicotine with traditional smoking cessation aid instead of tobacco In contrast to "nicotine replacement therapy" to alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as withdrawal symptoms, selective action on nicotine receptors in the brain, reducing the feeling of desire for withdrawal symptoms and tobacco suppresses satisfaction due to smoking It seems to be to do. If smoking while taking Champix, satisfaction by smoking will be suppressed.

It takes 3 months to take the medicine, the side effects are mild nausea, headache, constipation. Since the application of insurance to treatment for nicotine addiction has started since April 2006, treatment costs are reduced.

It might be good for those who want to stop smoking.

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