JASRAC suspected violation of the Antimonopoly Law, the Fair Trade Commission is conducting on-site inspection from the morning

JASRAC (Japan Music Association of Copyright)Is being undertaken on-site inspection from the Fair Trade Commission on suspicion of violating the Antimonopoly Act today.

Details are as below.
JBIC enters JASRAC // Web east / news / 20080423

According to this article, the Fair Trade Commission today said that he inspected JASRAC (Japanese Music Association of Japan) on suspicion of violating the antitrust law.

Inspection into Jasluck - NHK News

According to NHK's report, JASRAC imposes a copyright fee at a certain rate on broadcasting revenue of each broadcasting stationComprehensive contractThe alleged violation of the Antimonopoly Law as it is preventing the entry of new businesses that manage music copyrights enabled by the revision of the Copyright Management Business Act in 2001 It was said that the Fair Trade Commission entered the on-site inspection from the morning at.

By the way, we signed a music copyright contract with YouTube the other day to a new businessJRC (Japan Rights Clearance)there is ........., ........., etc.

For this examination, JASRAC says, "We will take seriously and cooperate fully, as soon as the results come out, we will respond promptly."

As already mentioned in the following link, musicians Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mr. Susumu Hirasawa and others have disputed the monopolistic management of music copyright by JASRAC.

Rewriting monopolistic management of music copyright Ryuichi Sakamoto

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: "Neither compensation nor DRM is necessary" - Musician Hisashi Hirasawa's proposal (1/4)

Musicman's relay

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TBS reports this issue with a movie.
"Fair trade commissioner, inspected into Jasluck" News i - TBS video news site

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