"Searchme Visual Search" in which search results are displayed cool as iPod's artwork

Regarding how to display the search results, each company is still seeking various ways to show it, from the point where it keeps the necessary minimum information to the place where the related information can be shown but it is wide, but the search result is displayed as infinitely simple as possible This "Searchme Visual Search" is done. It seems like an artwork often seen on iPods etc. Search results are displayed visually, so it may be intuitive and easy to understand.

Details are as below.
Searchme Visual Search - Beta - rev. 1.3

As you type the word you want to search, the search starts in the background as soon as you type it, and the category is displayed at the bottom, so click

It is displayed like this

Using the left and right cursor keys on the keyboard, or moving the scroll bar below with the mouse moves the result slidingly with a flickering feeling.

Click the button below the slide bar to split the screen into two, and the normal search result will be displayed in conjunction with the lower part.

In addition, you can set whether or not to have filtering, themes, whether to open links in a new window from "settings" in the upper right

You can see that the impression changes considerably if the way to show the same search result is different.

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