Headline news on April 21, 2008

LawsonBig size food produced by "Gal Sone"It is said that it will be released on May 6, 2008. Of the nine items of katsu-rice bowl, omcalay, beef bowl rice ball, rice ball, modern baked, ham casssand, croquet burgers, bukkake noodles, peperoncino, pork ribs and soba, everything is about 1.5 times to twice the amount of normal products It is said that it is becoming. It seems to be popular for those who say that it can not be satisfied if it is not a heap.

So, tomorrowApril 22. On April 22, one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote the following articles.

"IMAGA OF THE DAY" NASA provides beautiful everyday images - GIGAZINE

Super Mario Bros. Fastest Clear World Record Update, Just for 5 Minutes - GIGAZINE

What is the identity of the mysterious liquid that freezes just by pouring? - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Looking for a talented person who is compatible with the net - Dwango moving to recruit jobs and people with disabilities: News - CNET Japan(Work, R & D head office turnover rate is 5%)

Do not make thick material.: ITpro(Materials are summarized in one easy-to-understand miso)

Nagatabura: 2 ch server provider "2 ch aim for many employees" "English word on DDoS attack" "2 chan" - ITmedia News(Work, "middle man" etc.)

Survey on Internet use at work - more than at home? Long time internet users at work: Research - CNET Japan(Internet, 81% of major companies restrict browsing of adult website and 2 channel)

Newspaper site of Nikkei, Asahi, Yomiuri "Aaratasu" expands service(Internet service, delivery of blog parts etc.)

Issue amount of Internet point, annual domestic 17 companies 8 billion yen annually(The scale of the Internet service, point commercial law is expanding)

"It may be possible to consider the sale of Skype" - CEO eBay said: News - CNET Japan(It seems that the performance of software, Skype division is good ... ...)

MarkeZine: ◎ renewal succession! What happened to the portal site? It approaches the anomaly(Design, from 2 columns to 3 columns)

New version of "virus scan" for W-ZERO 3(Virus scan for mobile, smartphone)

Also on Walkman and mobile phones: Verify evolved "Odekake function" of Sony "BDZ - A 70" (1/4) - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Blu-ray recorder that can enjoy programs recorded with hardware, PSP, walkman, mobile phone)

"Local" iPod case will be on sale at the national Apple Store - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Memo, specialty of each place? As a motif)

Kamio Hisashi Mobile + Views: Aim of "New DoCoMo Brand" and the thought put in it - Listen to Mr. Araki NTT docomo (1/2) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, adding value added, providing simple price plan, etc.)

"DoCoMo Nakamura retired, reporting that Mr. Yamada, vice president assumed office as president" - ITmedia + D Mobile(Do mobile and FOMA's leading figures retreat from the line?)

DoCoMo Natsuno, stated to leave the company - How do you see the current mobile phone industry? : Mobile Channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, concerned about future activities)

Easier to support i-mode - To develop "Operator pack for FOMA terminal" compliant with LiMo specification - ITmedia + D Mobile(It is relatively easy to develop even mobile manufacturers and manufacturers that have never developed FOMA terminals)

Moba gate town, Internet bullying etc. Youth troubles consultation such as bureaucrat(Mobile, clinical psychologist and school counselor etc receive consultation)

Nagano torch, departure place to prefecture facilities site ... New Course with the declination of Zenkoji: operated · topic: News: Beijing Olympics 2008: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Sports, departure point of torch relay is "vacant land")

Asahi.com: Reporters Without Borders, Plans to Japan Protest at Nagano's Torch Relay - Society(Sports, protests may occur in Japan)

Asahi.com: pirates? NYK Line tanker covered off Yemen, without injuries - Society(It receives a raid with a weapon like a note, rocket launcher)

Current affairs dot com: hospital violence, majority injured = injury, abusive - all-Japan hospital association nationwide survey(Note, doctors and nurses etc are violent from patients)

To the world's first crossing the Pacific Ocean in the hand-rolling boat, Mr. Tachio departs from the port: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, remodeled so that it will be fine even if you overthrow)

"Not cute" is a good result, "Sutto-kun" Advertising effect 1.5 billion yen Society YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, prestige degree is quite high)

23-year-old female unknown, blind spot on security cameras · use outdoor stairs(Note, do not overconcern the crime prevention of apartment)

Married men are more "clean-oriented" than single men, private investigations(Memo, washing hands after coming home etc)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Acceleration of" car departure "by young people ... The net generation has a different sense of value for cars(Generation, the percentage of main drivers under 30 is only 7%)

Local railway boom overheating! Choshi Electric Railway · wet wet rice cake editing | Corporate strategy | Toyo economy of investment · economy · business online(Backstage of railroad, rice cracker boom)

Train delay: divergent by intensive ride of newcomers a succession in the metropolitan area - everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Railway, due to biased loading position)

IC vending tickets, JR East and Nishitetsu etc. 4 companies connected · In spring 2010, also electronic money? Business - latest news: IT-PLUS(Railway, Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau IC ticket is "Hayakagin")

Wakayama Electric Railway · Mikirei cat manager "Tama" The station chief room was able to be done! : Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Railroad, the station manager's room to the famous Cat station station of the unmanned station)

METAL GEAR ONLINE TEASER SITE(Game, flooding access from all over the world and stopping beta tests outside Japan)

Akiba Research Institute - "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" Samples of Special Edition DVDs are on display! - [Akihabara general information site](Anime, Sample release of special edition DVD released on 25th)

How to make your eyes tired with PC - Moe theory Blog(It is easy to understand about health, lighting, glasses, acupuncture points, sleeping etc.)

If it's about medicine Pharmaceutical Affairs Daily Website - Male diabetic patients take too much eggs to increase the risk of death(Diet, the risk of death increased by 7 or more per week)

Why was the "head family" shisa superseded? Excite News(Food, cheap seamer and the identity of a high crusher)

Yusuke Furuta Akiba Pick Up! : Akiba erosion sweets (lol)? "Ah, the other side of the station is another city" (1/4) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Food, Akiba and building for female customers)

Asahi.com: "Recommended lunch of Fukuzawa Yukichi" 22nd in Keio University Food - Living(Menu, named after Fukuzawa Yukichi)

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