Character of Disney cartoon, family tree of Donald Duck's family

The duck character appearing in Disney cartoon, Donald Duck first appeared in 1934. It is a big veteran character who is over 74 years old already. It is quite famous that he has a girlfriend Daisy Duck, but my family is properly set up, my uncle has the richest man in the world called Scrooge · McDuck, there are three nephews that are the biggest names of Hewy, Dewey and Louie I will.

It is a family tree of the family of such Donald. Some characters have seen somewhere, but most of them were characters I have not seen.

Details are as below.
Donald and its dude, Huey, Dewey, Loei. 3 brothers mother is Donald's older sister Della Duck. Dera's husband seems to be Donald's sweetheart Daisy's brother, and if Donald and Daisy get married it seems to be somewhat complicated.

Donald's uncle has the richest man in the world, Scrooge · McDuck. I wear glasses in the beak with a hat on, and you can check its appearance in Tokyo Disneyland parade.

Besides, my family has been able to go back to a very early age, but it has become a character that I have not seen much. Characters around here are not appearing in the movies but there are many things like appearing in comics etc, or only appearing names. Please check the family tree without mosaic on the link destination.
Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree - US version

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