NASA Iwa, by 2020 "human beings return to the moon"

NASA'sACDAccording to the director Carl Walz, NASA wants to build a base that can stay 6 months a month like the current International Space Station (abbreviated ISS), and until 2020 It seems that we are making plans for "human beings return to the moon".

As a goal, mankind lives on the moon, works at the moon and uses the resources of the moon.

Details are as below.
NASA official envisions six-month stays on the moon - Yahoo! News

According to the AFP reported during the forum on NASA's future held at Miami University, this is like ISS, but it is also different. We plan to build what will be an outpost base on orbit by 2010, retire the current 3 space shuttles, deploy new ones to replace it, and transfer humanity to the moon. It seems that it will eventually go to Mars.

Also, by 2020 return to the moon, build a permanent base on the satellite orbit of the earth. This space agency will be responsible for the energy, communication, transportation etc. required by the astronaut on the lunar surface. As a result, it seems that mankind will live on the moon, work on the moon, and you can use the resources of the moon.

According to the announcement of NASA in the past, how the moonMagnitude 5 level lasts for 10 minutesIt has been found out that it is impossible unless it is a sturdy building that can not be thought of on the earth. Therefore, rather than building a base on the lunar side, it is less expensive and safe to build a base on the satellite orbit and then go to the moon there.

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