A special miracle A Mirror · T famous for the A team woke up with a miracle waking up from many years of coma

Last year in Hollywood in DecemberAnnounced as a movieIt was "Scouting team A teamFamous forMr. · THe said that he succeeded in waking up children who had never woke up in a coma for many years.

What the hell happened, the details of the miracle is from the following.
Mr. T brought boy out of coma - Yahoo! News UK

According to this news, the child in Detroit, Michigan in the mid 1980's was in a coma and he only reacted when hearing the name of Mr. T.

According to Mr. T, the boy's family puts toys around him and one of them was Mr. T's doll. Someone told the doctor that Mr. T is in town, and Mr. T was called to the hospital. And Mr. T closed the curtain and prayed and walking through the hall suddenly the child awoke and raised a loud voice.

"It was a supernatural moment," Mr. T says.

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