About 60% of Photoshop users are using pirated illegally copied copies

Epic Edits Weblog conducted a questionnaire about about 500 users on its site for about a week, and nearly 60%PhotoshopIt seems that it is clear that the user is using an illegally copied pirated version, not an authorized user.

Details are as below.
60% of Photoshop Users are PIRATES!

The blue graph on the left shows whether or not you are using Photoshop and the graph on the right is a graph of regular users and pirate users. 58% of users seem to be non-authorized users.

This is also the case with Adobe's Lightroom software. 55% seems to be a non-authorized user.

Incidentally,Price of regular versionIs 100,000 yen with tax and upgrade from 26,000 yen.

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