Takaandoshita's gags "Europe and the United States Donuts" Tasting Review

I bought "Yonezaki! Donuts" which used gag of Takaandoshi from Yamazaki made bread because it was on sale. Lion that is printed largely is a lion designed by Taka and used for clothing she wears, it is not a pon de lion at all.

Review from below.
"Europe" is a French crew custard.

Like this. One of the commonly found basic donuts.

"Rice" is an American fashion donut chocolate.

This also looks good at the donut shop.

I put them side by side.

French Crueler Custard has plenty of sweet custard cream in a little fluffy fabric. American Fashion Donut Chocolate is crisp fabric. Because it is not so inferior to those of Mr. Donuts, it is okay for a convenience store to buy a person who bothers going to Mister Donut only to buy a donut.

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