A plug-in "A-Form" which can be easily added by designing the form with Movable Type by dragging and dropping

You can easily install multiple forms with high degree of freedom in Movable Type, and it is possible to create an intuitive layout by drag & drop, so specialized knowledge of customization is unnecessary. In addition, there is also a function to send a copy mail, a function to download reception data in a CSV file, further check the number of accesses and error log access report function, and regularly check the operation status of the form, and notify the administrator of e-mail A fairly sophisticated form creation plug-in with up to death monitoring function until this "A-Form"is.

Details are as below.
A-Form: MT plug-in that can form form in MovableType | Arc Web of Web production

You can download from the following.

A-Form download form: MT plug-in that can form form in MovableType | Ark web of Web production

Below is a Flash demonstration movie on how you can actually create it.

"Understand in 3 minutes! A-Form" Watch movies (Flash)

To be precise, Movable Type 4.1 / MTOS compatible plug-in allows you to freely edit the number of input items and the item display order. Design stylesheets make it easy to unify designs, and can be installed simultaneously in multiple blogs / multiple entries (blog posts and web pages). You can also specify an arbitrary page on the reception completion page.

In addition, the installation method, the initial setting method, the tutorial, etc. are summarized with the image below.

Mt-a-form | Google Group

In addition, users of personal / non-commercial sites can use it free of charge, and it is said that 15,000 yen (including tax) is necessary for commercial use.

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