The wall where honey stains out owing to the fact that the bee has settled therein

Honeybees settled on the walls of the house, so majestic that honey got out of the wallTudor styleI heard that the house is in Virginia Road. However, as the sound of bees move too big, I decided to ask a bee expert.

Details are as below.Honey drips out of California family's walls KOMO-TV - Seattle, Washington Offbeat

Bees harmoniously coexisted with the people of the Stathatos family at the same house for many years, and honey that seeped out of the wall changed the wallpaper. However, because I left it too much, my activity became active and I could hear buzzing and feathers from the bedroom as well.

So Dustin Mackey, an expert on disinfesting bees, asked me to seal the bedroom. "I got a sweet scent just by entering the house, it felt like I was in a honey pot," says Mackey.

Jerry Stathatos, who lives at home, says, "I should have lived with bees for at least 20 years, but I have not had anything particularly uncomfortable so far," he says that so many honey bees live It seems that he decided not to exterminate because it seems.

Mackey who saw the door near the hall become the honeycomb entrance is a beautiful garden in which flowers are blooming, which is the best environment for bees.

Perhaps you do not mind getting used to it, but for those who do not like insects it seems like a house you do not want to get close to.

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