An animation production presentation of "Penguin daughter Ha Ton" live broadcast with Nico Nico video

Once published as "Weekly Shonen Champion" "Penguin Musume", nowChampion REDGag comic books published as "Penguin girl MAX" are animated, but it seems that the production presentation will be live on Nico Nico animation.

Details are as below.Nico Nico News - 3 - 17 day animation "Penguin daughter Ha it" production broadcasting live broadcast

According to Nikoniko News, the production presentation will be broadcasted from 19 o'clock on Monday, March 17. Only 1,000 first-come ones can see the broadcast, so it seems necessary for someone who does not want to miss it to be ready and waiting.

By the way, "Penguin girls Ha it" is a program that is distributed only on Nico Nico animation channel, and it is scheduled to start on Saturday, April 19th.

Penguin daughter Ha - Anime official website

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