The live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" will be postponed significantly, will it be screening next year

Although it is a live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" scheduled to be released worldwide on August 15 this year, it seems that the public release may be postponed significantly and it may be shown in 2009. Is it that the production schedule was impossible?

Also, a large-scale set was released that was used for shooting.

Details are as below.
Dragon Ball Movie Blog: Dragonball Delayed?

According to this article,Movie information siteIt is said that the release date of the live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" written on August 15, 2008 to April 3, 2009. If this is a fact, it will actually be behind more than eight months ....

In addition, the following link shows photos of the construction of a huge temple set that is supposed to be used for shooting, and you can also watch a movie.

HoyCinema: Movieland - La pelicula mexicana "Navidad SA" sigue en filmacion ... y? Los fans que esperan de Dragonball?

This is that set. Refer to the link above for the original photo.

And this is the movie that shot the situation of the set.
YouTube - sets dragonball en Durango "Tierra del Cine" o "Movieland"

I do not mind if it takes time to make anything, so I'd like to see something of high quality.

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