Examining the ability of automatic vacuum cleaner Rumba ~ I actually used it in office and home ~

soPrevious photo reviewThen, in order to verify the ability of the automatic vacuum cleaner Rumba in fact, I tried to defeat at two places in the office and home. I did movie shooting when I cleaned up in the office clearly how much power it was. Also, I tried using it for nearly a month, and it turned out that it was not suitable for the case I was facing.

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■ Cleaning in the office
Set up at the edge of the office

When I put a chair, it collides with Gangon, so I removed only the chair and the air purifier

It is dirty, but the state before cleaning is

This is the situation that the office is being cleaned fully automatically. I will struggle quite hard here and there, but it will become us. I feel like learning. Also, cleaning while running along the walls, and a variety of arts are also fine.

Also, I will overcome this level difference.

Approximately 1.5 cm is there.

The step will overcome with this feeling

After that, when cleaning is over, I will recharge it without permission. So, when combined with the schedule function, such scheduling is possible, such as cleaning it without permission after work has ended, or letting the office clean only on Saturdays and Sundays that are not in the office. If you use it at home, you can use it such as to let the house clean during the daytime when no one is present. If this function is necessary, high-end model "Rumba 570" is recommended. If it is not necessary, the normal model "Rumba 530" is sufficient.

Cleaning ended around 35 minutes. It is almost like this.

The amount of garbage collected after one cleaning is about this.

I put it on A4 paper. Completely.

Not only this but also gathered fine dust and cleaned up so much

In addition to full automatic, it is also possible to perform manual control with the remote control in this way. Three basic actions, forward, right turn, and left turn. In addition to that, use the "SPOT" button which operates while rotating at a constant radius, "DOCK" button to return to charging, and "CLEAN" button to start cleaning automatically. Because I dropped things a bit, I could use it even if I wanted to clean only this narrow range. It's nice to be able to clean up like playing with radio control feeling.

I realized that as a real feeling I used it endlessly for about 2 weeks, I can use it "as conveniently as it can not imagine". At first, how about honest? I thought, but as soon as I left it I got shiny enough to see it when I came back. It is a good feeling that I inhaled hair etc. beautifully. As a result, I remembered that someone in the editorial room cleaned up better than cleaning it. It is useless if it is a place with a person to clean it like a normal office building, but it can be used very much if it is not so. I will buy one for editing department after returning this. It is a vacuum cleaner that can be used like that.

■ Cleaning at home
So I decided to take it back home and use it. From the conclusion it is concluded that "pretty millet."

First of all, steps can be overcome, but in the case of such a slightly floating feeling "turning", there are many cases that it turns right and gets in under and gets stuck

I will turn the carpet part like this

Even if you say that you are curled up, this is okay about this

But it is dangerous if it is about this

It also makes me feel emergency to go around wandering between the right and left carpet so much as to detect the level wisely.

In addition it sometimes runs on these corners of the electric carpet

An example of getting on this too.

It looks like this from the bottom

Example fitting to the step between the Japanese-style room and the floor of the flooring

The corners of these rooms can be cleaned up

But it is almost impossible to clean such corners as they will bend when they are detected

Unlike offices, in the case of families there are many on the floor, so it is quite a big deal to take them to a state that they can be organized and cleaned. Various codes such as cord of electric appliances, cord of gas stove etc are also caught quickly so it is very bad. Many things get caught up with the carpet turning up as described above, and considerable consideration is necessary. Even if it is caught, you should just continue to clean it, but usually it will stop as it is. Feeling that I was discouraged by finding that Rumba was standing still without cleaning. If you set "Room Navi" so that it does not come close to such a place, evasion is possible at first but you can not clean up the place too many and the significance of the automatic cleaning robot will disappear. So, if it is a house that can be in such a state that there is nothing on the floor, I think that there is no problem, if it is not so, it is necessary to make a decision to make a big change in my lifestyle itself.

Actually, more than a dozen housewives also took a look at how to clean up with the actual equipment, but even if it says "cleaning is easier for humans" or "cleaning the corners, cleaner thoroughly to clean Since it is not being done, it is the same as cleaning the room round "or" The main body is too big in the first place "or" noisy "or so, the evaluation of considerably dry continues. However, in the case of a person with a tendon sheath inflammation, "I am very thankful that even thoroughly automatic cleaning without holding my thumb is painful just because I have a vacuum cleaner anyway! It seems to be a savior to those who say "It can not be painful to have anything in the first place even if the vacuum cleaner is light." Besides, it seems like occupational illness, so it seemed pretty bakay to the person with painful hands. Again there is demand.

In summary, it will be as follows.

● People with automatic vacuum cleaners are suitable · Environment
· I hate cleaning but I like to clean up things
· Almost nothing can be placed on the floor
· There is a time zone where no one is at home
· It is physically painful to have a vacuum cleaner in the first place
· I like to leave alone.

● People who do not have automatic vacuum cleaners · Environment
· I can not wait until the cleaning is over 20 minutes to 30 minutes or more
· I want to clean every corner of the room perfectly
· Wiping cleaning required
· Placing things on the floor variously
· A lot of tight steps

I feel that it is not actually a housewife housewife, but for a single person. It is ideal for those who go out to work in the daytime and have a vacant home, not even trying to clean up even after returning to the night ... ....

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