The world's fastest H.264 software video decoder "CoreAVC" which can play full HD better than ffdshow

The so-called full HD size (1920 × 1080)H.264 / MPEG-4 AVCWhen I tried to play movies, I was in embarrassment because it made a lot of consequences that it would be funky, dropped, dropped, or not able to be played in the first place on a computer with a low spec, but this H.264 Software video decoder "Core AVC"Is the fastest in the world and there is only thing to say for himself, it seems to be very light. It was a story that I could play crisp movies even if the CPU was sticking to 100%, so I actually tried using it.

Verification results on how lighter it is from the following. World's Fastest High Definition H.264 Video Software Decoder

This "CoreAVC" just plays the Standard Edition for $ 7.95 (about 850 yen), Professional Edition which supports multicore to interlace and 4 cores is $ 14.95 (about 1600 yen). PurchaseDownload sales via PayPalAnd there is no trial version. If we think about it with a cost-effective effect, I think that the professional edition which is going to be equipped with GPU support in the future is considerably more profitable.

That's why I tried "Professional Edition" this time.

First, the installation procedure. Click "I Agree"

After entering the serial number, click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Install"

Click "Close"

Next, installation of Haali Media Splitter will begin. Click "I Agree".

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Install"

Click "Close", this completes

The setting screen looks like this. This time I will challenge with this default setting.

The machine used for this test is Windows XP SP2. AMD's Athlon 3000+ (1.80 GHz) CPU, 2 GB memory. GPU is 128MB of ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050, core clock is 250MHz, memory clock is 196MHz fanless model, AGP connection in the meantime. Generation is a model made around the beginning of 2004, so it is a good level to think about replacing soon.

For the test, use Windows Media Player 6.4 (mlayer2.exe) included with Windows as a playback player. Comparative subjects blew away as a light decoder setFfdshowStable version,Tryouts official beta 4 (revision 1723)I used.

At the time of testing, playback was performed after explicitly enabling / disabling ffdshow like this. During playback, if the icon of ffdshow is invalid in the task tray, it will not be displayed, it will be displayed if it is valid, so it was possible to visually grasp ON / OFF.

■ Test 1: The Dark Knight's Trailer 2, 1080p Edition (159MB)

· In the case of ffdshow

CoreAVC case

· Difference in appearance
When playing with ffdshow, I got an impression somewhat tougher in scenes such as explosion and I felt like I was skipping to match the screen subtly, but I could play with either decoder without problems. Also, with Apple 's QuickTime it got caught from the beginning to the end and became quality which can not stand browsing in the first place.

■ Test 2: Hellboy 2: the Golden Army Trailer 1,1080p Edition (175MB)

· In the case of ffdshow

CoreAVC case

· Difference in appearance
In the case of ffdshow, frame dropping is bad overall, and the sound also shifts gradually as it gets in the latter half, and it is far from reproducing with QuickTime, in a condition far from being able to watch comfortably speaking clearly. Compared with that, CoreAVC was very light and could be viewed smoothly without dropping frames at all. Thanks to that I could feel the power of the trailer's de force for the first time. Even the desktop for work could not play smoothly so far, so it's no exaggeration to say that the power is significantly different. It is convincing quality to be charged, and it is worth noteworthy that the seek speed is also fast as a matter of fact.

Overall rating
To be honest with you recently, even if it is not a full HD class, as H.264 series movies with high picture quality are becoming more and more difficult to reproduce, I think that "I should probably buy a machine soon ..." Although it was, the schedule disappeared. I feel like I can fight a couple more years with this codec. In the future it seems to be equipped with playback support function by GPU, so it may be quite useful for high spec machines.

In addition, since the minimum recommended specifications for each resolution are listed below, you can see how much you can play back on your own machine.

Recommended Hardware Configurations for proper CoreAVC Playback

There is also a project "coreavc - for - linux" to make it available on Linux.

Coreavc-for-linux - Google Code

Also, for P2P TVJoostIt is also adopted in the benchmark format on the following pages also low loads.

CoreAVC stronger than AVIVO & PureVideo?

Is not it a pretty good choice for those who are in need of being able to play H.264 movies of recent high image quality?

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