Finally the release date of "Mario Kart Wii" is decided

Although it is a popular title in the Mario series "Mario Kart", finally Mario Kart for Wii "Mario Kart WiiIt seems that the release date of 'was decided.

This time it comes with a dedicated attachment for attaching to the Wii remote control.

Details are as below.
Yahoo! Games - Mario Kart Wii

According to this page, Mario Kart "Mario Kart Wii" for Wii will be released on April 10, 2008. The price is 5800 yen.

And "Mario Kart Wii" comes with a handle type attachment "Wii handle" to be attached to the Wii remote control, and it is supposed to be able to enjoy the game with the feeling of operating the car handle. In addition, because it also supports Internet battle using the Wi-Fi communication function, you can play against the whole world.

According to the link below, there are 32 courses totaling 16 new courses and 16 old courses. Besides the different vehicles for each character, characters such as baby peach are supposed to appear.

Go Nintendo >> Blog Archive >> Mario Kart Wii - some new info from NMag - What are you waiting for?

By the way Mario Kart Wii video has been published in E3 in the past. The following is the movie. Prototypes of "Wii Handle" are also released.
YouTube - Mario Kart Wii from E3

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