Russia will build an artificial island in the Black Sea shaped as a Russian country

In DubaiPalm IslandYaTulip type island in the NetherlandsAlthough it is not certain whether it was inspired by Russia, it seems that there is a plan to make artificial island in Black Sea in Russia. The plan seems to be in the shape of this island, Russia.

Details are as follows.
This Russian-style island is located in 2014Sochi OlympicsIt is scheduled to be completed along with an apartment or villa where 25,000 people can live, an artificial river that imitates two major marinas and three religious facilities, parks and Russian major rivers.

The plan will cost $ 6.2 billion (about 670 billion yen) and many Olympic complex facilities will be built near this island. It is said that Sochi's real estate price has increased by 40% since Sochi's decision to hold the Olympics was decided.

However, it is easy to understand the tulip type in the Netherlands, but the Russian type is rather plain.

AFP: Russia-shaped luxury island to be built in Black Sea

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