Frog juice of popularity in the local which is said to be "Viagra of Peru"

In South America Peru, famous for the ruins of the Inca era, fruit juice seems to be said to be "Viagra in Peru". According to the sales phrase, it also has effects on asthma, bronchitis and so on. Is it really such an effect, is somewhat suspicious.

Details are as below.
Some meaningable poster

Lots of frog stock

Place where frog is put in mixer

In preparation

It seems possible to put frogs in the mixer yourself

You are drinking with gokgoku.

A movie that puts frogs in the mixer. I have pom-pong and seven frogs.
YouTube - frog juice lady in Peru

A movie where tourists are drinking frog juice. It looks like it is not very tasty.
YouTube - Frog Blender Drink!

Damn Cool Pics: Frog Juice

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