I heard Apple iPod nano exploded for the first time in Japan, calling Apple

The cause is still unknown, but iPod nano seems to have exploded for the first time in Japan. Actual pictures have also been uploaded and you can see that it looks pretty bad.

Details are as below. In addition I tried calling Apple.
IPod nano Part 80

This is the body

According to "304 ◆ M6 / 5gb6Svw" who is the owner of the exploded iPod nano,

I suddenly exploded and the white smoke was tremendous and sparking out
I was scared and ran away and the smoke came close And it came from something.

It seems that it was a fierce explosion.

In addition, cases where iPod nano exploded in 2 cases in the past have been confirmed overseas.

IPod nano explodes on flames, making it unusable - GIGAZINE

The iPod in the pocket was on fire - GIGAZINE

So, I immediately called Apple 's PR to ask.

· Whether or not Apple confirms facts on this case already?
I can not comment especially as public relations.

· Whether the case similar to this has happened in Japan in the past?
I can not comment especially on this case.

· Will you guarantee if there is an explosive situation picture and an exploding real machine?
In the case of "general warranty" instead of this case, in the case of iPod nano, repair is possible if a problem occurs within one year. In that case, it is assumed that there is no fault in the user side, such as illegal remodeling etc. not done on the user side. For example, if the user dropped it in water and destroyed it is out of warranty. Even though I have not done anything, it is the object of guarantee when it is broken.

· Do you have anything to announce something about this case in the future?
I can not comment especially.

· Similar cases have already been confirmed overseas, but what kind of correspondence did it take after that?
I do not know, so I can not comment in particular.

So, as a publicity, I can not comment anything about this case. So, it seems that it depends on the action of the user who actually suffered damage.

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