The FBI can stop the telephone line for intercepting communication by being unpaid

According to Reuters news agency reports,Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)However, he seems to have stopped the telephone line due to the payment of charges.

FBI is an institution that plays an important role in protecting the United States from overseas intelligence agencies and terrorists, but why did this happen?

Details are as follows.
U.S. FBI, line for telephone wiretapping interception due to phone charges disconnected | global speech | Reuters

According to this article, in response to FBI failing to pay the telephone fee by the due date, an American telecommunications company seems to have disconnected the telephone line contracted by FBI to intercept international communications.

By this, it is said that trouble occurs in the line for communication interception prescribed in "Foreign Intelligence Activity Reconnaissance Act (FISA)" aimed at intercepting communications such as terrorist organizations.

According to the document concerning the government audit released by this case, because the telecommunications company has broken the line used for intercepting information prescribed by FISA due to the unpaid payment and the line for delivering the findings to the FBI As a result, FBI says that the evidence has been lost.

By the way, FBI spokesperson seems to have commented that "no adverse effect on investigation has come out", but is it really okay ...?

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