19th Century Vampire Extermination Kit with Holy Water and Cross Set

A monster, Vampire, who sucks human blood, turns into a wolf or a bat and is told that he will not die unless he stabs his heart. It is a kit for exterminating vampires full of goods for defeating such a monster. At eBay auctionI was awarded for $ 1000It is a thing, it seems to be the real thing used in the 19th century Transylvania.

Details are as belowBored Space - Vampire Killing Kit

A wooden box with an atmosphere that seems to have any effect.

Inside the box.

Kui and hammer of a tree with a small cross.

A prayer book and a knife on the cross. The bottle contains holy water, holy oil, holy land, stalagmite, garlic, red and blue serum, and a secret medicine.

In the prayer book also the devil, the vampire, and how to fight with other monsters are described. It also contains syringes for serum and liquid garlic and pliers for extracting vampire teeth.

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