Wolf man study set by a man whose wife was killed

A couple in 1812 went to Eastern Europe to visit their relatives. They decided to stay at a local inn, by stopping on sightseeing spots on the way. In the middle of the night, my husband went to buy some food and then returned to his inn, where his beloved wife passed away in his altered state. There was a trace remaining thought to be attributed to nails and teeth in the corpse, and the window of the room was left open. The husband who returned to me from the mourning hunts what robbed his wife's life and pledges to stop breathing.

It seems that the tool set of the setting that the man who was killed by his wife carried out research to kill the wolf man in the course of such as.

Details are as below.The Art of Alex CF >> Blog Archive >> lycanthropy_kit

Old fancy wooden box.

Contents is like this. There are various kinds of dubious things.

A figure of a wolf man. The arm is quite long.

A part of the body of a wolf man.

Wolf male mummy?

By the way, these are not real but art work by AlexCF. From the link below, various tool boxes of dubious atmosphere such as vampire research set and extinct animal exploration kit are made to be seen.

The Art of Alex CF >> Artwork

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