Strength is similar to diamond, liquid crystal monitor not scratched by sniping with a bow gun

If it is a normal LCD monitor, touching the screen with your hands is OK, but this LCD monitor is not okay if you strike the screen with your hands Far away, even if you snipe with a bow gun it is characterized by not having a single scratch That's right.

There are movies that actually snippet with a bow gun, but it is splashing out of the way. What defense power. Which manufacturer is the one on earth?

Details are as below.
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. LS 201

According to this page, the ASUS LCD monitor "LS 201" adopts a stylish design that won two prestigious design awards, as well as a high quality panel with very high hardness at the panel part that protects the liquid crystal It is cited as being characterized.

And the hardness of the panel boasts 9H which is close to diamond and it is difficult to scratch the surface even if it is wiped casually with a cloth etc, so it is easy to wipe off the dirt without using a special cleaning cloth Because it can do, it seems that you can always maintain a beautiful panel.

However, the hardness of the panel is not limited to that, but when it sniem up with a bow gun, it seems that it is strong enough that the arrowhead of steel made bent rather than sticking to the liquid crystal. What is this ...?
YouTube - Shooting at the monitor! Стрельба по монитору из арбалета!

Even if there is something to be sniper with this, it can be prevented by using the monitor as a shield. By the way, according to the following link, this monitor seems to be on sale in Japan.

Price .com - ASUS LS 201 price comparison

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