NHK and Mitsubishi develop watermarking technology capable of identifying the voyeuristic location and date of the movie

"Voyeur the latest movies being screened at movie theaters and make them leak out as pirated versionAlthough the act of such as "breaks down" behind the scenes, NHK and Mitsubishi Electric developed a new "digital watermarking technology" that enables you to identify when and where the video content being screened at movie theaters was taken.

Will this eradicate the outflow of movies on the Internet and stalls selling pirated DVDs on the streets?

Details are as below.
Developed "digital watermarking" technology that can specify NHK and Mitsubishi Electric, places where images were recaptured

According to this release, the new "digital watermark technology" developed by NHK and Mitsubishi Electric this time, even if the video displayed on the screen of the television screen or movie theater is taken again with a video camera or the like, the embedded electronic watermark It seems to be a technology that does not disappear.

This was developed due to the improved performance of the camera due to the advancement of technology, because high-quality pirated edition is circulating, so if you shoot a screen or screen obliquely, a part of the content is missing Even if it is, the digital watermark information does not disappear.

Then, by embedding the place (movie theater etc.) where the video was screened and the time etc. as a digital watermark in the video, it is possible to specify the place where the movie etc was snatched.

This is an image utilizing digital watermark technology. It seems that monitoring such as outflows will also be conducted.

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