Headline news on 3 December 2007

Kameda Seika Kaisha, as a support examinee support project, is preparing for the center examination next month and pursuing the examination at the end of next monthWe are going to sell two products "Passing! Happy Turn" and "Test Winning Seed" from the end of December until late January for a limited time (PDF file). On Happy Turn student Happy Message was accepted as a winning seed but it was on a small sack, and it seems that the staff also prayed for the shrine before a release. Although I do not pass even if I ate this, I would not mind buying a person who wants to carry any auspices before taking the exam.

So, tomorrowDecember 4. In 794, Heiankyo became the new capital, in 1185 Pope Pila Shirakawa posted a censure of pursuing Genoshi Yoritomo in Yoritomo and in 1982 the film "ET" was released in Japan. In 2004, the final Godzilla series "Godzilla FINAL WARS" was released for 50 years. In addition, a tea - style forest known as a crown policeman of 'Detective Conan' and 'Kaoru Oishi' of 'Higurashi no Naku Koro ni' was born in 1961, and the natural state of human beings by every million of everyone by 'Leviathan' Thomas Hobbes who decided to be a fight died in 1679.

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: Los Angeles MBA study abroad diary: Still, the enormous "TV station" will not perish(The press, the strength of television stations felt from the difference between the TV industry in Japan and the United States)

Business Media Makoto: Aim the Akutagawa Prize for the blogging world - Alpha Blogger Award 2007(Interview, it may become an Akutagawa prize when the net develops)

INFOBAR 2 is released today, but the bite confesses the defect - [Di](Mobile, inspection staff write mixi and write a state of work)

CNN.co.jp: Analyze paintings painted at sunset, utilize it for global warming research(Research, investigate the trend by quantifying redness of color)

CNN.co.jp: Lightning European spacecraft also observed on Venus(Grab the evidence with the universe, about 56 km above Venus)

A tool that lets you know your greenhouse gas emissions on the net - Ameba News [Ameba News](Calculate by downloading the life information into the environment, mobile phone)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Relationship between PC and "paper calendar" is good(Digital, paper is more convenient for some reason)

Limited release of EASTPAK with "Batman" as a motif(Memo, backpack with lots of bat signals)

Bose releases further evolved in-ear headphones - also improves designer appliances My Communication Journal(Hardware, expectation is expected for performance improvement since the model currently being presented is subtle)

Lost virginity in smoking at Harry Pota's Daniel new work - Ameba News [Ameba News](Try to break away from the image of Harry Potter movie)

"Kim" Sunday "29" day is the day of Kinnikuman (Society) - Sponichi Annex News(Memo, authorized by the Japan Anniversary Association)

"Kinnikuman Complete DVD - BOX" of the entire TV - movie series(Animation, 418 bodies of Kinkesi reprinted as a bonus included)

The original · Kitaro was pretty much done! Excite News(Manga, strong as it does not die)

"Ultra-thin" continues in the US "Wii" - Why? WIRED VISION(Game, the number sold by Xbox 360 over a month will be sold in one week)

Two major US and French game software mergers to create the world's largest game software maker international news AFPBB News(Game, Vivendi · Games and Activision merged to "Activision · Blizzard")

scoop! "Super Robot Big Battle A" is followed by "Super Robot Big Battle R" being developed! - Famitsu.com(Game, Super Robot Battle for Mobile)

Reason why Mario Galaxy can not be sold - [Game industry news] All About(Game, Mario of 3D does not motivate somewhat)

Nintendo is looking for debug staff - iNSIDE(Game, debugging personnel but emphasizes communication skills)

"End of the year! Great Cave Festival" opens on 12/30 Limited!(Selling games, soundtrack CDs and goods for one day only)

New speed VIP blog 3: Which is the strongest if you hit the game machine? - livedoor Blog (blog)(Story, PC Engine Shuttle is suitable for throwing)

JAM Project sings the theme song "Luck! Sailor Fuku" of "Lucky Star"(Music, titles are released on December 26 at "Lucky Star Re-Mix 002 -" Lakistani Kiwami, Ah "[Shiyanenyo]) ~

ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (゚ ゚) NEWS 2nd: When the gamer is about to be run over by a car(Story, gamers are strong)

Kenshiro carried on track(Memo, even though I am asleep, the burning is contained)

==== ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0(Memo, student created by Genesic Gaogaigar)

Transfer insignia | I was doing various kinds of things like something with NHK(TV, with introduction tsundere introduction)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Overseas travel of 1000 yen one way from Tokyo(Travel, overseas which is surprisingly close)

Chinese government to develop laws to punish lottery-related injustice Excite news(Overseas, distributors who worked injustice were sentenced to life imprisonment)

College student who blew a pie against Santa charged with light assault charges Excite news(Overseas, not all Santas are tolerant)

Fight against 'backpack pain'! American students excite news(School, whereas private laptops were used)

Would you fat if you are doing SNS? SNS, social networking .jp(Health, fat image of friends affecting the body)

Japan.internet.com Web marketing - About 40% of physicians think positively as "hospital review is useful"(Health, 50% of doctors believe that patients will not communicate dissatisfaction)

He was fat and saved - MSN Sankei News(Animals, fat is important too)

Seven - Eleven MARUKU understanding travel knowledge - Why is a magazine placed on the window side? Seven - Eleven Japan(Note, refusal to read on Seven - Eleven)

"Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Big cheese curry yakisoba" New release(Food, sold at tax of 175 yen from December 17)

Brilliant taste. "Wanda gold fine sugar cans 185 g" new release! It is!(Food, released on January 8thGift campaignAlso held)

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