Declare in a magazine that you do not leave a woman who was incensed about property disputes

In the summer of 2004, there was an advertisement that appeared in an Irish magazine and read a big reaction of the reader. It was entitled "Yes, it is me" and the content is a message issued by an elderly woman named Barney to the children who fight over their own property.

Details are as below.
Advertisement is like this.
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The sentences that are posted are as follows.

"I am tired of you fighting over my property and I am not dead yet so it can not be helped but I decided to use it, until I lost my money I will continue to put this message in every magazine, and then you will also quit the dispute.

In the message from the elderly woman named Barney to the children, the readers of the magazine rushed over opinions such as supporting Bernie's stance, and it seems that the publisher's phone got into a puncture state.

Actually this magazine advertisement,PPAI (Periodical Publishers Association of Ireland: Ireland Journal Publishing Association)It was an advertisement campaign to show how effective the magazine advertisement is with the advertisement of the advertisement. A woman named Bernie does not exist, an advertising agencyCawley Nea TBWAThe person created.Colon TuffIt is a 74 - year - old widow who lives in, and there are four children, the photo used for advertisement seems to have found a suitable image.

'Bernie' campaign proves that magazine ads really work:

I hope these fancy advertisements are interesting.

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