Xbox 360, whose contents have been replaced and returned

Xbox 360 brought in for a return to a store. After checking the contents after refunding, the interior of the gaming machine main body was becoming empty, and instead there were stuffed things packed instead.

There was only one clerk who was at the time of being returned, and the person who brought it brought the receipt properly and he said that he had responded to the refund.

Details are as below. Looking closely, the hole in the power supply is occupied.

The front is so terrible that you can see at a glance.

Looking inside it is something that is not the original part.

It was a medical book. Is it supposed to repair with this?

The book itself is also drenched.

The cable was replaced with VGA cable for PC and old parallel cable. Only accessories left with headphones and Ethernet cables. It seems that the controller and the HDD were not included.

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