Rakuten releases New Year's Day New Year's cards at 30 yen

Internet shopping mall operated by Rakuten Co., Ltd. "Rakuten"For the best members," Rakuten Original Otaku with New Year's Day Postcards "will be sold at 50 yen per piece for 30 yen per piece from today. Although you can get New Year 's cards considerably cheaply, it seems that advertisements are displayed in part.

Details are as below.Launched "New Year's card with New Year's cards" that utilizes the service of Japan Post as a benefit for Rakuten Ichiba Members for 30 yen per sheet

The selling target is limited to Platinum members who have earned Rakuten Super Point 2000 points or more and 15 points or more in the past 6 months, and the sales method will be announced by mail. The price is 50 pieces 1 set including shipping costs 1500 yen. The New Year's card also contains the QR code and the address for blank e-mail, and it seems to do a special prize "super super big discount gift present campaign" equivalent to 3 million yen worth provided by "Rakuten Market".

A sample postcard. Rakuten's logo enters the part of the stamp, and there is a QR code for the present campaign beneath it.

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