Headline news on November 22, 2007

Piggy bank where the screen displayed changes according to the input amount "Life bank"Takara Tomy sells this, but the life of the middle person changes depending on the waking up habit"Life watch(PDF file) "to be sold. The release date is November 29 (Thursday) and the price is 3990 yen. According to Takara Tomy's survey, about 30% of men and women in their 20s and 30s use the alarm clock, about 40% get up using the alarm function of the mobile phone, and it is hard to use "life clock" It seems that we want to make every day happy by adding play in the morning. Why do not you try using people who are loose on time but who can not fix it easily.

So, tomorrow is a day off labor appreciation day. And next MondayNovember 26. In 1868 Emperor Meiji entered Edo castle as the Imperial Palace, and in 1935 the Japanese pen club was established with Shimazaki Fujimura as the first president. In 1948, the world's first instant camera Polaroid camera was released. Also, a voice actor, Fukuyama Jun, a voice actor known for the role of Lelouch Lamperouge of the animation "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" and April 1, Kimi of "xxx HOLiC" was born in 1978, a lever appearing in the movie "Terminator 2" John · Browning, a firearm designer who also designed action shotguns, died in 1926.

Today's headline news.
Fast · Food 's late night snack that leads to sleep deprivation and obesity: ITpro(Eating out is not good for the body even if it is not fast food)

If you take breakfast, is it a 1.5 trillion yen market? Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry estimate (Sankei Shimbun) - Yahoo! News(Food, one of 10 people has not taken breakfast)

CNN.co.jp Russia plans to construct a spacecraft launch base in the Far East - Science(Universe, planned to launch manned spaceship by 2018)

"Home bytes of unsolicited e-mail transmission monthly income is 1,150,000 yen monthly" Survey result of German companies - Work style - nikkei BPnet(Work, profitable in a vice business)

Mimicking Chinese automobile industry jumps to molting (Tokuhiko Shiraumi's "World Automotive Situation"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Jeep made by automobile, Hong Kong born designer)

【2ch】 New speed quality The moment I thought this company was useless(Work, complaining company selling at home)

latest! Railroad news! It is! : Why the train fare going to the airport is high · · ·(Memo, was it added to fare?)

This is the real condition of female-only vehicles! - Wherever I ride, my selfishness! Vol.3 - - Master's Room - Yahoo! Blog(Some societies, crowded hours are temporarily lost)

5 Year-old child "Home to play well" at home 90% Various opinions on the net - Ameba News [Ameba News](In society, urban areas children have little place to play outside)

Amazon's e-book reader "Kindle" introduced at the image gallery WIRED VISION(Hardware, with MP3 playback function)

Amazon ebook reader Kindle, sold out in five and a half hours - Engadget Japanese(Hardware, is it so popular?)

Finally AMD desktop quad-core CPU "Phenom 9600"(Hardware, AMD's quad-core CPU performance measurement)

Desperation sensei blog し し し し し し し(Animation, Otsuki Kenji and despair girls sing like the first term)

Excite Anime News: Animax sponsored "All Japan Anison Grand Prix" winner debuts finally!(Anime, debut with the new program "PERSONA - trinity soul -")

Yahoo! Video, First Gundam 1 to 5 episodes free of charge BB delivery(An exclusive page gathering animation, Gundam related contents also opened)

Noto cute in Nottingly Noto in Yomiuri Shimbun.(Memo, entering the 6th place of the current affairs keyword and also posting photos)

You idiot! Actions that should never be done at Christmas(Memo, for those who do not have any plans for Christmas)

GameSpark - Two new bundle packs of Nintendo DS Lite appear overseas(DS, which handled Zelda and Nintendogs, released on November 23)

Resuscitation of pirated version in the shade of DS hit in Korea · Digital appliances & amp; Entertainment - latest news IT - PLUS(Game, hardware will not sell soft even if it sells)

Slashdot Japan: Tetris program of 545 bytes(Game, programming with JavaScript)

Do you know male psychology depending on which game machine you choose? WIRED VISION(Game, the difference between PS3 and Xbox 360)

I'm Gaming Bulletin @ Blade: PS3 Dangerous Hard at Landmine Rate of 85%?(The game seems to be said awesome)

There was a long-aged geezen that I had forgotten. - Geeky dash(Game, a game center with super rare games that only members can play)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: People who are being killed soon(TV programs, small fish that appears on TV)

A movie of a kittens fighting Makura(Movie, Makura covers over like a futon when you leap)

【2ch】 Violence with new speed quality clear in Nico Nico? The teacher's video is exposed.(Movie, student's voice is amazing)

Livedoor news - Changing chicks for 2008(Memo, Billy and the dolls of Asan Blue Dragon)

CIA's "terrorist · busters" logo WIRED VISION(Design, this is totally inspiring)

At last the era of the record is over - Kokoro(Music, import record stores in various regions withdraw)

【2ch】 Nikko Thread Guide US Marine Empress! The knife which stopped the bullet is made in Japan(Note, living flag to put something in your chest)

Livedoor News - French police Special Force, "Technique" to Beijing Special Police(Note, tactics training inviting special forces)

Italian choir members, accusing themselves as being homosexual - ___ ___ 0 Ameba News [Ameba News](Overseas, facts are revealed by documentary program)

A prehistoric sea urchin, it was bigger than human = research exciting news(Animal, a huge scorpion of 2.5 meters)

Business Media Makoto: famous tree of Rockefeller Center, "eco" Christmas with LED adoption(Environment, laying 363 solar panels)

Tea Fairy: An overseas anime fan's question "Watermelon to salt?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Did you think that salt was a special way to eat watermelon?)

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