A boy who steals furniture on online games will be arrested

An MMO game set on an online hotel "Habbo Hotel"A 17-year-old boy was arrested by the Dutch police as stolen furniture worth 2500 pounds (about 570,000 yen). "Habbo Hotel"There are about 7.5 million users worldwideIt is a popular MMO game, but this is the first time that an arrestor has appeared.

Details are as below.Ananova - Teen arrested for virtual theft

In this game you can place your favorite furniture with one room of the virtual hotel as yours, but Habbo Point purchased with real world money is required to purchase furniture. Among them, a 17 - year - old boy was accused of hacking and building intrusion as it stole the expensive about 570,000 yen furniture. Will it be a crime even if I break into an online building?

A spokesman for Sulake, who runs the Habbo Hotel, said, "The defendant induced the victim to give a password to the victim by creating a faked Habbo site, and other personal information is deceived in the online virtual world including Habbo There are users who are using the same type of theft in many countries, but this is the first time the police will take legal action. "

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