Why was "doujinshi consignment corner" abolished at comic market?

The world's largest doujinshi sale sale held from August 17th to 19th this year "Comic Market 72", The official sale of doujinshi who had been done as a remedy measure of the circle that has been defeated to acquire space officially consigned sales"Consignment cornerAlthough it was abolished, the reason was clarified.

Apparently the official announcement was "It is in a situation where it is possible to secure a drawing rate of 70% or more by holding for three days"It seems that there were other reasons for the abolition such as such.

Details are as follows.
About completion of consignment of business to Comike Planning Service Co., Ltd.

According to this release, the "consignment corner" of Doujinshi, which was provided as a way to participate in comic markets in another form of the circle not being selected due to the past, is that comic market limited company which operates comic market, It seems that it was what had been done outsourcing to Comike Planning Service (CPS) Co., Ltd.

However, despite receiving various advice and support from CPS shareholders and business partners etc. repeatedly for improving because CPS had various problems with representative director who had retired now, Far from improving the situation, it is said that even unclear and inappropriate accounting processing was discovered.

In addition to the operation of the consignment section, the CPS also undertakes mail-order sales of "Comic Market Catalog 72" and mail-order sales of "Comic Market 73 Application Form Set", and since the mail order business itself was normal, Although it was not affected, we are forced to judge that it is impossible to continue outsourcing, and we have concluded outsourcing.

By the way, even though official website of CPS on the following link is announced about "unclear and inappropriate accounting processing", a large amount of unnecessary money was confirmed in the process of settlement processing, inappropriate by the president at that time It seems that it was confirmed that accounting processing was done. Also, it seems that it was not even making a meeting of the board of directors meeting.

Comike Planning Service Co., Ltd.(Click "Company notice concerning change of our business content")

I do not know what was happening, but it is inconvenient for both those who sell doujinshi and those who buy it, that consignment corners disappear, and I feel a bit lonely.

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