Xbox 360 makes old Xbox software downloadable at a low price

It seems that it will be possible to download old Xbox software and play it on Xbox 360 with the system update scheduled for release on December 4th by Microsoft. Software scheduled for distribution is "Halo"Or"FableFor example, use Microsoft Point for purchase. If it becomes available, it seems to require a lot of HDD.

Details are as below.News 360 Dashboard update detailed - download Halo! -

According to this article, eventually most of the old Xbox software can be downloaded through Xbox Live Market Place. The price is roughly 1200 Microsoft points, the software scheduled to be delivered first is "Halo","Fable","Fahrenheit","Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge ","Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex","Burnout 3".

There are few download contents of Xbox 360 in Japan,There is a disparity from overseasIs this system implemented in Japan too?

2007/11/14 17:15 Addendum

Also released in Japan. In Japan, system updates will be delivered on Wednesday, December 5, 2007, and the service "Xbox Classics" will be added to the Xbox LIVE marketplace.

Xbox LIVER service launched 5th anniversary Over 8 million members worldwide

Delivery schedule title is "HALO", "Crimson sky: High Road To Revenge", "Fable" is "Magical Spirit (MAGATAMA)"Or"Puyo Puyo Fever". Most of the title seems to have capacity exceeding 2 GB, so it seems that the capacity will run out as soon as the standard Xbox 20GBHDD.

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