What are the reasons for sitting this year on the longing for creators around the world "BIG IDEA CHAIR"?

I went to the award ceremony of "Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Creative Award 2007" aiming to develop the world of the Internet pursuing the possibility of creative expression on the Internet that Yahoo! JAPAN is doing .

When it glows to the Grand Prix of this award, the right to sit in the chair "BIG IDEA CHAIR" which is awarded to an acclaimed creators at Yahoo! in the world is sent, and how it is before the receipt of Yahoo! JAPAN's Roppongi Midtown office "This chair A picture of a Grand Prix winner sitting "and purple chairs are said to be displayed together. Immediately after this was announced at the award ceremony venue, a roar of laughter and mysterious laughter, such as "ざ っ ... ざ わ ..." came. Although it is certainly a Grand Prix, it seems quite a treat as .... Well it is an honorable thing so it must be a good thing!

So, among the 581 entries, which ones are you creators smiling while sitting on "BIG IDEA CHAIR" and expressing ecstatic expressions? Details are as below.
Yahoo! JAPAN - Internet Creative Awards 2007 - About BIG IDEA CHAIR

This award is entitled "general department" produced by the general public, "advertiser's department" where the advertiser applies works from advertisements posted on Yahoo! JAPAN, works submitted with the order from the company "Client Work Department", and a total of 581 works were submitted, but no matter what each work got the crown, who is sitting on this chair anyway I am excited to say that it is a honorable punishment game treatment like anything. This is definitely the first step to the legend.

This is the state before the venue.

It opened. People are going in one after another.

Somehow a majestic atmosphere, over there is purple throne.

This chair seems to be "BIG IDEA CHAIR" of the creators of the world that are given to excellent creators.

Although the ceremony will progress, this year there is no Grand Prix work in general category. Well, what about "BIG IDEA CHAIR" ...?

After all, "Grand Prix" came only in the advertiser's department, the one who gained the crown was announced by Jeep Patriot by Chrysler Co., Ltd. "I will continue to challenge new things more and more and I will do my utmost to gather the attention of everyone."

That's why it's time to attract everyone's attention. You are sitting down like "Are you sitting here ...?" Do your best.

Congratulations on being uncircumcised

And from now all the group photo


We have become more and more like

So that's it.

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